Nanoparticles liberate flexible solar cells

A stumbling block for developing flexible solar cells has been the need for a smooth growth substrate to ensure high device efficiency. While glass is readily available, smooth and non-porous, it is also brittle, which makes the flexible properties of the other materials in the device redundant. Now researchers at the Institute of Photonic Sciences […]

Engineered quantum dots convert low-intensity IR light into visible light

Auger up-conversion processes can allow photovoltaic devices to harvest low-energy solar photons that are not normally absorbed. A team of researchers from the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico in the US has now demonstrated such a process in thick-shell lead selenide/cadmium selenide semiconducting quantum dots in which two low-energy, core-based excitons (electron-hole pairs) are […]

‘Butterfly’ magnetoresistance seen in nonmagnetic Dirac material

Researchers in the US and Germany have observed an unusual “butterfly”-shaped and extremely large angular magnetoresistance in the nonmagnetic Dirac material zirconium silicon sulphide (ZrSiS) that they can control using an applied magnetic field. The new findings could help in the development of “fermitronic” devices for high-speed electronics and optics……. Stuart Parkin

Researchers Develop Simple Method for Producing Fluorescent Carbon Quantum Dots from Sugarcane Bagasse

Indian researchers pioneer an alternate use for sugarcane waste. This schematic representation illustrates the process of turning bagasse into carbon quantum dots. (Credit: Elsevier) From Britain to Mexico, countries are considering sugar taxes to reduce consumption and curb the global obesity epidemic. In 2014, about 600 million people, roughly double the population of the United […]

Semiconducting polymers could make good e-skin

Researchers at Stanford University in the US have developed new, stretchable and self-healing thin-film polymeric semiconductors. The materials, which contain dynamic intermolecular hydrogen bonds that can be easily broken and reformed, might be used to make advanced organic electronic films that mimic human skin….. An intrinsically stretchable and healable organic semiconductor

‘GrapheneQ’ makes first commercial loudspeaker

Researchers at ORA in Montreal, Canada, say they have developed the first consumer-ready loudspeaker from graphene oxide. The technology is compatible with current speaker and audio systems and could find its way into many commercial products in the not too distant future, says company co-founder Xavier Cauchy….. Prototype speaker membrane

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