NANOTEC Platform Technology

NANOTEC is the focal point for R&D in nanotechnology that have major impacts on the development of Thailand in areas related to national importance, international excellence, and global visibility. We are currently conducting three platform technology programs on nano-encapsulation, nano-coating, and functional nano-structures.

In the area of nano-coating platform, we are focusing our research on the use of nanotechnology to modify the surface characteristics using new materials or new procedures that may have enhancement quality effects such as anti-bacteria, anti-UV, anti-static, water repellent, and moisture management, etc. Nano-coating can be applied to textile, pulp and paper, medical device, and automotive industries. For nano-encapsulation platform, we are using nano materials to encapsulate biological active compounds for effective control release, target release, and time release properties. Nano-encapsulation platform has been applied to the medicinal and cosmeceutical industries. The functional nano-structures platform focuses on the development of new nanomaterials and nanostructures which have specific characteristics such as catalysis, biological and chemicals for sensor applications. Current industrial applications of functional nano-structures platform is in biomass production, e-nose, e-tongue, and e-eye.

The platform technology is linked with the flagships programs; clean water, controlled release fertilizer, vector controlled system, nano aroma, nano-mark, smart soil, and nano-biosensors. Research activities for the flagship programs have already yield results such as the Solar Operated System (SOS) Water Treatment, and the e-eye and e-tongue for biosensors. These flagship programs forms the priority focus areas that response to both national and NSTDA needs.