Nanotechnology Forum @ AIT

On Sept 23, NANOTEC and AIT organized the public Nanotechnology Forum @ AIT. The forum attracted over 120 participants from research institutes, academia, and private sector group. The aims of the forum are to promote awareness to research activities being undertaken in world renowned institutions, build research networks, and share experiences.
Invited speakers included:
CNT based Nanotechnology : Development of Practical Systems and Applications” by Dr. Meyya Meyyappan, Chief Scientist for Exploration Technology NASA Ames Research Center, USA

Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles : The universal Tool for Diagnosis and Therapy” by Prof. Heinrich Hofmann, Director The ERU Surface, Coating and Particle Engineering (SPERU) Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland

Both Dr. Meyyappan and Prof. Hofmann are members of the NANOTEC International Advisory Board (IAB) who were in town to attend the Annual NANOTEC IAB Meeting from Sept 21-22.

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