Seminar on Synchrotron-related topics@NANOTEC

On September 28, NANOTEC invited Prof. Fred Schlachter, Scientific Support Group, Advanced Light Source, UC Berkeley, to give a talk on the topic of “Collective electron motion in Carbon-60 molecule”. Participants attending the talk included researchers from NANOTEC and Siam Synchrotron (Korat).

The talk focused on approaches, producing an ultra bright beam of x rays, various forms of carbon, measurement of photoionization of ions, motions of electrons in Carbon-60, and endohedral atoms.
Prof. Schlachter also took this opportunity to stress the importance of why it is necessary for researchers to publicize their research activities focusing on its importance to scientific development and attracting research grants.

For additional information on Prof. Schlachter’s talk, please contact Dr. Gamolwan (NanoSens Lab) at 02-564-7100.

For information on Advance Light Source at Berkeley, please log on:

Short for Carbon-60, a naturally occurring molecule comprised of 60 carbon atoms. Because C60 molecules are naturally spherical, they tend to cluster together. They are ideal for use as building blocks in nanoscale fabrication because the open structure lends itself to the formation of new compounds. (Webopedia)