NANO Talk: Nanomaterials-Nanotoxicology: Controversial aspects of nanotechnology applications

Prof. Harald Krug, Head of Laboratory at EMPA, Switzerland gave a very informative and interesting talk on nanosafety at a recent NANO Talk session at NANOTEC. Attending the talk were representative from academic, private sector, and researchers.

“Nanosafety considerations is a substantial part of many funding programs, international conferences, regulatory activities worldwide and many international working groups are taking care of this topic” said Prof. Krug. “More and more products especially medical applications containing nanoparticles (NP) are being commercialized. Therefore it is important to have these products tested for safety concerns. The issue is that there is no general opinion as to how to approach this target. It has been shown that many of the used methods are not adapted for NP and thus results are often false-positive or false-negative”.

NANO Talk is a monthly public forum organized by NANOTEC for researchers and visiting professors to exchange knowledge and be updated on technology trends. Visiting professors to Thailand are encouraged to participate. To review past NANO Talk sessions, please log on: