QAcnes attracts local business

QAcnes anti acne pad made from nano encapsulation of mangosten extract gave a business pitch to over 50 companies’ representatives this morning at Thailand Science Park. The aim of the pitch is to attract interested companies to consider entering into a business discussion either as research collaborators and/or technology licensing agreement. Dr. Phikunthong Kopermsub and Dr. Suvimol Surassmo researchers from Nano-Delivery System Lab at NANOTEC presented technical information on nano encapsulation and electrospinning process.
“The nano encapsulation of the mangosten extract helps in easing the discomfort associated with acne and leaves no scare marks to the end-user” said Dr. Phikunthong. “One of the key strength of QAcnes pad is that it is breathable which is achievable by using electrospinning process”. Also speaking at the business pitch was Dr. Sirasak Teparkum, Deputy Executive Director who gave an educational talk on “Nanotechnology and its Application to everyday life”.

QAcnes from NANOTEC received both the Best Presentation Award and Outstanding Investor’s Choice Award at the recent NSTDA Investor’s Day 2012 held on September 20 in Bangkok.