Simple spectroscopic technique to study polymer behaviour at interfaces

Researchers in India say they have discovered a new and simple way to probe how polymers behave at interfaces under different conditions. Their technique, which relies on magnetically polarizable nanoemulsions and visible spectroscopy, could benefit scientists working on developing colloidal formulations for improved food and cosmetic materials, drug-delivery systems and anti-bacterial surfaces, to name but […]

Lithium niobate makes ultra-high-Q resonators

Researchers at Harvard University in the US have made the first ultra-high-quality micro-ring and racetrack resonators from lithium niobate. The new devices, which consist of plasma-etched subwavelength waveguides that can propagate light across a metre-length path while losing only about half their optical power, have quality factors of up to 107. They might be used […]

Liposome-like nanovesicles target tumours

Although precision medicine is coming along in leaps and bounds, targeted drug delivery to tumours remains a huge challenge. A variety of nanomaterials, including ligand-conjugated liposomes, exosomes, inorganic nanoparticles and immunoliposomes, can be used to deliver specific drugs but the problem is that it is difficult to maintain the bioactivity of these therapeutics.

Topological insulators made easy

Researchers in New Zealand, Poland, China and the US have succeeded in growing 2D allotropes of both antimony and bismuth on atomically flat bismuth using a simple deposition technique for the first time. These materials are nanoscale van der Waals heterostructures with interesting topological properties that might be exploited in future spin-selective electronics devices……….

Neuromorphic computing tackles full circuits

Brain-inspired neuromorphic engineering has the potential to enhance the computational power of devices by orders of magnitude. However, although recent progress in nanotechnology has produced a range of increasingly advanced non-volatile memory and memristive devices for simulating artificial neural components, combining these devices into circuits is far from trivial. Now, researchers at the University of […]

Atomic-scale imaging achieves attosecond resolution

Combining features of attoscience with high-resolution electron microscopy has allowed scientists at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München to develop a new technique for time-resolved imaging in both real and reciprocal space. The researchers investigated the time-scale of Bragg diffraction and the behaviour of electromagnetic waves in space and time by compressing an electron beam into a series of […]

Graphene oxide making any material suitable to create biosensors

PU scientist Raul Rodrigez and his colleagues from Lithuania and Germany were the first in the world to suggest how with the help of graphene oxide, in fact ordinary graphene as in pencils, but oxidized to make the surface of any material suitable for immobilization of living cells………

Freezing electrons makes them get in line

New research published in Nature Communications suggests that electrons in a two-dimensional gas can undergo a semi-ordered (nematic) to mostly-ordered (smectic) phase transition, which has been discussed in physics theory but never seen in practice before………

70-year-old malaria drug found to improve treatment of tumors

A new study shows that a 70-year-old malaria drug can block immune cells in the liver so nanoparticles can arrive at their intended tumor site, overcoming a significant hurdle of targeted drug delivery, according to a team of researchers led by Houston Methodist…..

UK company wins global medicine award for its ground-breaking potential MS treatment

A leading scientist battling to halt the development of Multiple Sclerosis has revealed that clinical human trials will start by 2020, after her company was honoured with a major nano medicine award. Dr Su Metcalfe’s regenerative nanomedicine company, LIFNano™, was named Most Promising Nanomedicine Project at the International Nano Medicine Awards in Berlin on Tuesday, November […]

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