A Study on Unpredictable Behavior of Nanoparticles

Nanoparticles behave in an extremely complex manner in the environment. In a large overview study, ETH environmental scientists have proved that currently there is a lack of systematic experimental data that could help in understanding the nanoparticles in a comprehensive way.…… http://www.azonetwork.com/go/?ruid=166bb1b132bd420181c1e309242e010c&nirid=4d4fcbd8a5844bc4af57509bfc364801

Revolutionary Screening Method for the Impact of Biomedical Nanoparticles on the Immune System

Over the last several years, the application of nanoparticles, particles with at least one dimension within the size range of 1-100 nm, has become increasingly popular in a wide variety of practical industries. Within the field of medicine, the use of nanoparticles as drug and gene delivery vehicles, particularly chemotherapeutic drugs, as well as fluorescent […]

Safe alternative found for harmful treated mosquito nets

Synthetic insecticides used by East African countries in treating mosquito nets are not safe, researchers have said. The nets are treated by insecticides known as pyrethroids, which, according to the researchers, cause asthma and cancer to infants and young children, and are very harmful to the environment since they do not break down easily…… https://nano-magazine.com/news/2017/4/21/safe-alternative-found-for-harmful-treated-mosquito-nets

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