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NANOTEC Strategic Cluster

Work on specific nanomaterials and advanced nanotechnology
Developing nanomaterials that have special features and which focuses on specific application areas such as textile and household products, including the use of natural resources to improve quality of life.
Nanotechnology for Agriculture and Environment
Research and development of innovative food, agriculture and environment with the application of nano-technology to modify structures and surfaces, including the preparation of nano-composite for strengthening economics and social cooperation, and promote environmental sustainability.
Work on nano for life and health.
Research and development on diagnostic tests using nanotechnology for target molecules for development of new drug delivery systems and benefits from cosmeceuticals from Thai medicinal herbs for health and medical applications.
Work on nanometrology and engineering analysis
Research and development of metrology and safety aspects of nanotechnology, providing testing for nanoscale analysis, development of prototype engineering research, to create public confidence on nano products and adhere to international standards and quality.
Work on the development of nano-materials and nano-system engineering
Development and design of structural materials in nanoscale via methods of calculation and computational chemistry prototyping and pilot applications in the field of energy and catalysts for sustainability and environmental friendly.

Our Services

Nanometrology & Characterization and Engineering
Our focuses are based on research and development in the field of nano-metrology, nano-safety, nanoscale testing service, including nano-characterization of nano-product properties, and engineering-prototype development. We also provide the research and development projects available to industrial sectors by using modern and advanced nanotechnology instruments. Our high quality services are also certified with both national and international standards. We also have consulting services provided by experienced researchers and specialists to give customers with rapid, high-efficient and precise services. We aim to establish an international confidence of quality and safety of our customer products in terms of production and service sectors. And our ultimate aim is to support the economic and social sustainability development in Thailand.

National Nanotechnology Center

National Science and Technology Development Agency
111 Thailand Science Park, Phahonyothin Road,
Khlong Nueng, Khlong Luang,
Pathum Thani 12120

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